Sunday, September 20, 2009

In the Beginning, Part Three, Hopes and Plans

    I hope to make this next year an important one in my life.  A year of accomplishment, a year of joy and a year of learning.  To this end I am starting other projects that I feel will go along with my journey.
    The most importnant thing of course is the completion of the journey itself.  Not the study of all 22 cards, I've done that before.  But to actually live the cards, absorb their meanings and walk along the path they illuminate.
    My first project is actually a series of smaller ones.  I will need to get my house in order.  I will be cleaning up, fixing up and in general making my house a better place to live and work in. I will also be making a dream pillow, a new bag for my tarot cards and completing other small projects I have been "meaning to do"
   The second project will be to do a quilted wall hanging of my journey.  Each card will have a square (or possibly a circle) and together will serve as a reminder of my year.  I intend to create one square per card as I am working with that card.  The three months at the end of my year, between the autumnal equinox and next Yule will be spent putting them together into the final display.
    My third project is one that I hope will last a lifetime.  I am going to start learning to play the hammer dulcimer.  It is something I have always wanted to do and the study of it will take me well past the next twelve months.

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