Sunday, November 1, 2009

Moving on to The High Priestess

    It has taken me some extra time to finally leave the Magician's realm and move onto the next card.  I have spent this time involved with changes at work, putting the gardens to bed for the winter and fighting off a series of colds. 
    I have also spent this time working on projects that I needed to get started.  Holiday gifts to be made from herbs and gems, cleaning of closets and reconnecting with old friends.  I have finally started on my CafePress stores and will be also working on some photo ideas I had put on hold.
    Tomorrow is the full moon.  The next two weeks will be the time for me to again rid myself of excess baggage.  Memories that serve no purpose and daydreams that do nothing but waste time.
    The High Priestess represents our striving to go between two worlds.  Linking the everyday that we live in with the realms of the divine.  It is often likened to the Wiccican way of "Drawing Down the Moon", of trying to embode The Goddess into ourselves so that we may share of her wisdom.  I'm not sure of what I will find as I meditate upon the High Priestess.  I only know that I am now ready to try.

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