Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Have Found My Way Between the Worlds

    After three weeks (almost) of searching and trying to learn the lessons of the High Priestess, I have found my way.  The High Priestess represents the way between the worlds.  Between where we are this moment and what we may become.  The magician is the resource we need but the it takes working through the High   Priestess to find out what that resource is.
    My resource is my creativity with photography.  I am not sure yet in what way I will need to utilize this resource.  But I am sure that photography will be what takes me along my path.  As Frigg waeves the fabric of life, I too need to weave.  But my weaving will be a story.  Perhaps only in images, perhaps in words as well.  I have now to move on from the High Priestess and learn what purpose my weaving is to serve.
    This is an exciting time for me.  Almost a year ago I had set certain goals for myself, but, as the saying goes, life got in the way.  Well, the year from hell is over and my time has now come.

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