Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I've made a fool of myself or "It's not easy being green"

    My time with the fool has left me filled with a combination of depression and determination. The fool that I discovered was not some cheerful, carefree youngster heading off on an adventure.  Those who follow Asatru say that there are no fresh starts.  When a person has done a wrong he or she gets no clean slate, there is no just saying your sorry and starting over.  Instead your past stays with you.  For better or worse you need to work with that past in order to move forward.
    Instead of starting this journey as a carefree hatchling I am now working first to overcome past wrongs I may have done, to shed bad habits and to learn from my personal history.  I must be sure that as I step down the path that I am not deceiving or "fooling" myself.
    On a positive note I have started my needlework "journey map".  At first when i made a mistake i wanted to start over, but then i realized that in many respects I am just an egg.  So in honor of learning from my past I have left the mistakes in and hope that as my journey continues my skills improve.
    To me the fool had always been the color green.  Green is the color of those who are less experienced. Green horn.  Green is the color of things not yet ripe, like green tomatos.  Green is the color of spring.
A wise frog once said that it's not easy being green.  He was right.

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